Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Oracle Dead

Sweet Home Chicago

How I love that town! Hanging out with the Madhouse (old buddy) is always fun (even though he is married now, and therefore, a goner). This trend of getting less and less sleep everytime I go there is worrying.

Watched 'The Incredibles'. Fabulous! I've been raving about it for a week and am not quite ready to stop. Rarely do you see a movie that is both entertaining and thought provoking (the movie borrows heavily, but subtly, from Ayn Rand) and yet gives you the choice to indulge in one or both of those characteristics. On the aesthetic front, it is pretty impressive(Pixar really does "have it down to a science"). It also reminds me of 'The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay' (in my opinion, a cultural treatise as much as a fantastic book).

Also sampled a couple of tremendous single malts (with my almost-favorite Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2s). Did I forget to mention that this was a business trip?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Chicago Blues

I think UChicago is now formally a lost cause - with two days to go and 3-and-a-bit essays left, I have conceded, albeit temporarily. In preparation for the W interview (tentatively scheduled for 11/21), I've taken up a heavy diet of lots of guitar, a reversion to my exercise regimen and tons of reading (Middlesex, yet again!).

I'm still waiting for my new guitar to get here (how long can the journey from Oregon possibly take?). Can't wait to get my sore fingers on it...

Saturday, November 06, 2004


The point of inflection might take a long time coming, but when it does, it is but one point. Things change, not slowly, but in an instant. Of course, the change may build up over time or it may be accelerated. However, the transition itself is always one discrete moment. The difference between the not-being and the being, the done and the undone is one stroke of time. Here's to all those who live for the ascent, knowing that the shift itself will be too ephemeral to savor.

Whartonian Pleasures

Friday dawned with a nice little surprise - an invite from W. But I pretty much killed it by reading Sandy's (of Ask Sandy fame) 'dead-meat' theory. Of course, my probability of getting in has almost doubled, but didn't somebody say something sage about the slips between the cup and the lip? Of course, the other schools are quiet as quiet can be. Under duress, I have decided to reciprocate with the silent treatment.